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Summit Laser and Cosmetic Center offers multiple state of the art laser devices to achieve excellent outcomes.

At Summit Laser and Cosmetic Center in Asheboro, NC, we are able to perform laser hair removal on all skin types.  Laser Hair Removal can safely be done on all skin types including fair skin, Asian, Hispanic and Latino, African American and even tanned skin in some cases.  Laser Hair Removal is done through a series of treatments ranging from 5-8 treatments on average.  Those with the lightest skin and the darkest hair get the quickest results with the least amount of treatments.  People with darker skin colors still get results but it may take more treatments.  We are able to safely and successfully perform Laser Hair Removal with our two state of the art laser devices:  Candela's Gentle Lase and Gentle Yag lasers.  Treatments are quick, generally taking just a few minutes up to 30minutes for a large area such as the legs.  Treatments are well tolerated and generally do not require numbing cream or anesthesia.  You may continue to shave the treated area between treatments as needed, we just ask you not to wax, pluck or use depilitory creams.  No special care is required after your treatments and you may continue all normal activities.

Why deal with razor burn, shaving and messy creams when there is a safe, effective, permanent solution to unwanted body and facial hair??
Come in today to see what we can do for you!
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At Summit Laser and Cosmetic Center we perform spider vein treatments with both sclerotherapy and laser treatments.  With the Candela Gentle Yag and VBeam pulse dye lasers we are able to safely and quickly reduce the appearance and eliminate unsightly spider veins from the legs and face.  The laser creates a beam of high intensity light that penetrates into the skin tissue where it delivers therapeutic heat to the targeted blood vessels without damaging the skin around it.  With the lasers and built in DCD cooling device we are able to achieve optimal results with minimal side effects or "downtime".   Some patients experience a slight discomfort with each laser pulse, sometimes described as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin, though the discomfort is gone in just seconds.  It will take several weeks to see your results, but normal activities can be done during this time.  It is best not to do on tanned skin or to tan for several weeks after treatment.  Compression stockings for the legs may be worn to improve results but are not mandatory with laser treatments, unlike with sclerotherapy. 
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The VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser is able to selectively target this condition due to its unique affinity to hemoglobin(red blood cells).  When rosacea is accompanied by the fine broken blood vessels called telangiectasias, there is very little other good treatment options.  Creams, oral antibiotics and chemical peels that are other options for rosacea, may help with overall redness and "bumps", but they do not achieve the results many sufferers want for the telangiectasias.  The Pulsed Dye Laser is the best option for this.  Treatments are fast, easy, and inexpensive with little to no downtime.  
Though there are no cures for rosacea, the PDL laser is a great option.  Come in and see us today for a consultation to see what we can do for you!
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There are several options for treating those stubborn "age spots".  Chemical peels, skin care treatments and laser are all options.  Sundamaged skin is very common, particularly here in the south.  We can reverse some of that sundamage and restore more youthful appearing skin with the help of our laser devices.  The Candela Gentle Lase is fantastic at reducing and removing brown spots with little downtime.  The treatment is fast, inexpensive and well tolerated.  Recovery time is minimal and most people would not feel the need to take off work or normal activities.   The spots may temporarily look a little darker and than may flake off over a week and than gradually fade over several weeks.  For more stubborn spots or for those wanting a more dramatic result our fractional CO2 laser offers superb results also.  This laser is more aggressive and may require downtime of a week.  During your consultation, we will discuss with you what is the best option for you particular condition.
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Complete Skin Renewal is achievable!!  With the introduction of fractional laser technology we have been able to dramatically change the way we approach skin resurfacing.  By creating tiny micro-wounds spaced apart on the skin we are able to treat a fraction of the skin which greatly minimizes discomfort, healing and complications, yet still achieve excellent results in as little as 1 treatment.  Fractional skin resurfacing procedures are an aggressive approach to skin imperfections and to promote collagen regeneration to reclaim the skin's youthful texture, tone and color.  You will see reduction in facial lines and wrinkles, improved tone and firmness, reduction in sun damage and brown spots and also for improvement in scars-particularly acne scars.  Fractional skin resurfacing does require "downtime", but with the newer technology we are able to minimize downtime to generally a week.  The treatment generally takes about 30-45minutes and you will be red and feel like a sunburn immediately afterwards.  The next day there is no discomfort, but you will see redness and swelling that is managed with post treatment creams and ice packs for several days.  Most people with experience some peeling on approximately day 5-6 and feel ready to resume work and social activities on day 7.  Treatments can be adjusted up or down based on severity of condition and your ability to have downtime.  This will be discussed during your consultation.
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This device uses improved technology radiofrequency to effectively, safely and more comfortably stimulate collagen production to help with fine lines and wrinkles.  We can also stimulate adipose cells( ie fat cells) to release fatty acids which results in circumferential reduction in size and body shaping.  Using both techniques together is a wonderful treatment for cellulite on the legs and create a smoother jowl line and reduce the appearance of the dreaded "double chin".  Advantages of this treatment over other options is the lack of downtime.  You can get up from a treatment and carry on a normal day immediately afterwards.  Multiple treatments are required to achieve your results.  Three to eight sessions is typical depending on quality of skin and location being treated.
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