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Spider Vein Treatments

It is estimated that almost three-quarters of all adult women have Spider Veins– red, blue or purple thread-like lines just under the skin.  They are most common in women due to hormonal factors and pregnancy, but they can occur in men also.

Spider veins are caused by abnormal blood flow and weakening of the blood vessel wall in the affected veins. Any condition or activity that puts pressure on the veins -- such as gaining weight, and sitting or standing for long periods of time -- can contribute to their development.

While unsightliness is the most common reason for removal, spider vein treatments may help to alleviate problems with restless legs, aching, burning, and/or cramps.

There are several treatment options available for spider veins.  First is wearing medical grade compression hose.  Compression hose can help alleviate symptoms from the veins such as aching, and may help prevent new spider veins from surfacing.  Secondly, sclerotherapy is a treatment option, in which a saline or chemical solution is injected into the vein, irritating the lining and causing the vein to collapse and disappear.  And finally, laser treatment .  Laser treatments use a light beam, which sends heat into the blood vessel which causes internal damage to the vein and subsequent resolution.  At Summit Laser and Cosmetic Center we are able to use our Gentle Yag laser to quickly and effectively eliminate small spider veins.

For larger spider veins we will often use a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatments.

If you are considering spider vein treatment, the following information will provide you with a good introduction to the procedure, but does not replace the need for an individual consultation.
Sclerotherapy is performed by using a very fine needle and injecting the spider veins with a solution that causes damage to the vein causing its collapse.  Each portion of the spider vein needs to be injected, so there are generally multiple injection points.  Each spider vein may take several sessions of injections to maintain full collapse and permanent damage to the vein. The procedure is very well tolerated.  Most people just feel a slight pinch as the needle is introduced and than a burning sensation.  Compression is applied at the sites of injection and you are asked to wear medical grade compression hose for several weeks following the procedure.  You may continue normal activities during your recovery period.  We just ask that you not perform high impact exercise such as running or high impact aerobics for a week or two, no tanning for a week, and not hot tubs or hot baths for a week or two.  It is a good idea to avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatories for a few days before and after your treatment to reduce bleeding and bruising.  You may experience some bruising or brownish spots at the sites of injection making them look worse temporarily before better for a few days up to a few weeks, therefore planning ahead of "special occasions" is a good idea.

Laser treatments for spider veins is performed using our YAG laser device.  Laser utilizes a light beam that sends heat through the skin to the target of the water/blood in the vein.  The heat then causes targeted destruction to the lining of the vein causing its collapse without harming the tissue around them.  In general laser is somewhat more effective than sclerotherapy for small veins, but individual results do vary.   Laser treatments are well tolerated but there is some discomfort during the procedure.  It is best described by most patients as a "hot rubber band snap" or sting.  Once the procedure is done there is no discomfort.  Normal activities are allowed after the procedure though we ask you not to tan for several weeks before and after treatments.  It is always good practice to wear compression hose after spider vein treatments, but it is less important with laser than with sclerotherapy.  Patience is important with laser treatments as it may take up to 6weeks to see full results. 

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